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Why we founded the world's first Consumer Product Design platform

What started as a small marketing strategy by designers to support aspiring students and showcase their products, has now grown to a global platform for everyone who is passionate for innovative consumer products.

DesignNest is now the largest growing community of young and ambitious product designers worldwide. By sharing ideas, knowledge and network, designers learn from us and each other to build better and more affordable products together.

For buyers we provide a one-stop award-winning consumer product portfolio; from heating mugs, levitating lights to foldable electric bikes. Our goal is to redefine daily living through innovating existing products. And perhaps more importantly, all our featured products have guaranteed delivery.

Whether as a creator or just simply someone who wants the latest consumer products, our platform has it all for free. Join us now!

Our goal is to become the world’s first open-platform and market place for product designers. As designers ourselves we want to support and build a community with the most passionate designers in the world.

By co-branding we mutually generate exposure for both the external designer as well as our in-house designed products.
We earn profit margins when we sell the designer’s products to our B2B clients (designer receives commission)
The more we manufacture and source, the more efficient and experienced we become
As a community of designers with one large collective portfolio we can provide better protection against copycats. We stand stronger as a community than single product startups by individuals. You may able copy one or two of our products, but no one will be able to copy our culture.
Most importantly is creating the DesignNest brand by becoming the most valuable and leading platform for consumer product design

Most crowdfunding platforms only require that designers to deliver on their promises. That means they face no consequences if the project misses its delivery date — or even fails entirely.

The DesignNest Guarantee Seal is meant to put the backer’s mind at ease. When you order a product with this seal on other crowdfunding platforms we guarantee the delivery of the product after the project is funded, or you will get your money back.

Designers can apply for this seal via Once approved you can display our seal on third-party platforms, such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

The pictured seal is for illustration purposes only, the official seal will be sent once your request is approved.

Note: all third-party platform projects with DesignNest Guarantee seal will be featured on DesignNest as well, in order to avoid misuse.


Everything you need to showcase, scale, and sell your product, for free.

Get direct access to B2B order funding via worldwide sales network and receive commission depending on the development stage of your product.
  • ~1% idea only
  • ~4% working prototype
  • ~7% full design ready (including packaging and marketing material)
All successfully crowdfunded projects will be fulfilled by DesignNest, this means that we handle all packaging, shipment and customer service for your project.
Sell your successfully crowdfunded products via our global retail partner We-The-People or sell directly online via our platform.
Showcase your product portfolio and give every design a chance for real orders.
Designers are free to sell to any other parties. We don’t require any commission or fees for any sales you make.
Designers keep their own brand, patent and all intellectual properties.
Receive free guidance and services from our team of experts along every step of your product journey to optimize and prepare your product for cost-efficient mass-production:
  • - Prototyping
  • - Tooling & Production
  • - Distribution & Logistics
  • - Competitive pricing techniques
  • - Packaging
  • - Marketing
  • - Sales
Use our in-house production and assembly facilities in case you have difficulties finding your own supplier(s).
Work on your project for free in one of our DesignNest | Studio | workspaces. Our studios are located in the US, China, Japan and The Netherlands. Contact us at for more information.

Start building your portfolio to showcase and get potential funding and orders for your products.

Step 1. Sign up

Create your account on

Step 2. Create a project

Click here to submit your project according to the template. We accommodate five types of projects depending on your requirements and the stage of your product.

A. Crowdfunding projects

The project is open for funding from consumers (B2C), importers, distributors or retailers (B2B) around the world. After your project has been successfully funded, DesignNest will help and fulfill all orders. As designer you only have to manage your own project page and focus on perfecting your product.

B. Pre-order projects

Congrats – your project has been successfully funded but your product is not yet available. For pre-ordered projects you can still accept orders (pre-orders) and share updates along the way while you work on the production of your product.

C. Available projects

Your product is now readily available for purchase. You can directly sell products on our platform or by linking your own. Apply to work together with our retail partner, We The People, and showcase your products in their retail stores worldwide. See for more information.

D. Starred projects

On DesignNest there are constantly new projects being launched and it is difficult to keep track. Therefore, we introduce our starred projects. These projects are hand-picked by our team as the most innovative and successful products. They have in common an awesome design, captivating images or video, an excited community, and of course, is ready to be shipped.

E. Showcase projects

Showcase projects are the primary way designers can showcase their creative work. This project is a grouping of images, text, videos and other media that have a central theme, idea or purpose.

Step 3. Review by DesignNest (within 5 business days)

Our team will review your project and give feedback accordingly. Once approved your project will be launched and our sales team will start presenting your product to buyers around the world. Now all you have to do is sit back and collect your commission from our B2B sales. :)

Note that your chances of getting B2B orders are much higher if you present us with a working prototype.

This is the place to fund and explore products that you want to see exist in the world and support aspiring students and talented designers.

Get access to the latest creative and innovative consumer products.
Contrary to popular belief, design products do not have to be expensive. DesignNest helps to achieve that by optimizing products for mass-production and make it as cost-efficient as possible.
DesignNest guarantees delivery for all successfully crowdfunded projects on our platform. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms (Kickstarter, Indiegogo), we review projects for feasibility and guarantee the delivery of the product to the buyers.
Support, brainstorm, give feedback and partner with aspiring product designers around the world talents by funding their projects.

To buy a product ensure you’re logged in to DesignNest. We have 4 different project types; each type indicates a different stage of the product process and therefore has a different indicator.

This project needs funding for development; the product will only be produced when enough orders are placed. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms (Kickstarter, Indiegogo), delivery is guaranteed for all successfully funded projects.
The stage between crowdfunding and product launch; the product is in the process of being produced, manufactured and delivered. You can capitalize on this moment by buying the product for a discounted price.
The product is readily available and ready to ship for the full retail price.
These are our most popular and innovative projects. The products are readily available and have guaranteed delivery.
Project is only available for business inquiries. Support this project by giving it a like – and who knows it might get launched.

DesignNest is the one-stop platform to source the latest creative and innovative consumer products for your stores and clients.

One-stop to explore and source from a complete consumer product portfolio, from heating mugs to foldable electric bikes.
Our pricing model provides sustainable margins for resellers and distributors.
All products go through an extensive review period by our internal team to make sure that the product is scalable for mass-production. We provide a 2-year warranty for all products under DesignNest fulfillment.
Our dedicated DesignNest team handles customer inquiries, refunds, returns and RMA's.
Product customization is possible, contact our DesignNest sales team for more information.
We welcome all new projects or discussions on how to improve your current products. Submit feedback or ideas and work with designers on how to improve or create a new product.
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