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What is unique about DesignNest is that also after a project is backed there is no way you will not receive anything: unlike other crowdfunding platforms we also offer credit if for some reason a project fails after reaching its funding target.

The picture is only for reference , please use the real object as standard.

There are three different categories of products:

1. Standard products (pre-order now)
These products are in the funding phase, which means that they do not have sufficient funds yet to cover the manufacturing cost.
As DesignNest a crowdfunding platform, there is a chance that the project you are backing does not reach its funding target. There is however no need for despair, as if that is the case you will not loose your pledge: you will instead be given store credit for the amount of your pledge. This way you do not have to be concerned about loosing your money: we guarantee that you will receive a product in return!

2. Coming soon
These products were successfully funded and are now being prepared for manufacturing. This usually takes 3-4 months, you will receive an e-mail when the products are due to ship. Besides this the project page will also show this information.

3. Available
These products were successfully funded in the past and are already in production. While they might not be on stock in all our warehouses worldwide, the delivery should not take long.

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