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  • Tan - Stand, clip, nature wind fan
    12 September, 2019

      $ .

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    • Clam it to the table and adjust the blow direction

      The extendable stand allows you to clamp the fan to the table. The upper part of the fan is adjustable in different angles to make it blow in different directions.

    • Quiet way of cooling

      The 5 spinning blades and the silent motor creates a quiet way of cooling.

    • Disassemble the fan shelled to clean

      The fan shelled can be easily disassembled for cleaning.

    • Charge by USB

      USB port for charging and with a battery inside can provide you hours of cooling air.

    • Designers

    • VH is a design house dedicated to the preservation of simplicity and elegance in a world of ever-increasing complexity. We create lifestyle accessories with organic designs that will instantly resonate with you and feel like part of your daily routine from the moment you pick them up. Our designs at once pay tribute to the classics and embrace modernity, striving to unite the perfect and the organic.
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