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  • LIMBO - The magical top that spins for hours!
    Nimrod Back
    12 September, 2019

      $ .

    Funding target
    When the product reaches its funding target we will let you know its estimated time of delivery, read more here >>
    • Spins for hours

      LIMBO is pure magic. Just imagine taking an innocent looking spinning top, that looks and feels like any other, give it a spin, waiting for it to fall, but instead of falling- looking at it spin for hours.

    • The smartest top

      LIMBO uses a rechargeable self-balancing electric gyro, housed in a beautifully CNC machined metal casing. We used some really advanced new algorithms to make sure LIMBO spins perfectly with maximum spin time. We also had to minimize the power used by the motor and the processor's frequency.

    • Rechargeable

      Unscrew LIMBO's casing to reveal a standard micro-USB connection just below the surface. Charges fully in 30 minutes.

    • LIMBO keychain

      It's a satisfying snap that keeps your LIMBO on you at all times. Plus, it really makes LIMBO an official EDC.

    • LIMBO base

      The base was designed specifically for LIMBO, with a surface that has just the right texture and right amount of friction, enabling LIMBO to spin (even More) beautifully and takes care of LIMBO's point of contact, the tip.

    • Fearless Toys ltd

    • Fearless Toys operates in the “FunTeach” industry. We use electronics, physics, and mechanics to generate smiles among anyone that interacts with our products. We’re “fearless” because we are not afraid to develop products that others are.
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