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  • Boogie Dice - Self rolling, sound activated, gaming dice!
    Nimrod Back
    12 September, 2019

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    • Self-rolling

      Clap your hands, snap your fingers or bang the table, and they will start to Boogie. Designed to be a universal gaming accessory, Boogie Dice can replace any standard ‘static’ dice in any and all of your favorite games. But Boogie Dice are jam-packed with unique features and abilities that transform them from simple dice into the coolest gaming accessory.

    • Programmable

      Boogie Dice can be programmed through an app to utilize sound detection, motion detection, timer, and randomizer. When programming the dice, they start to blink with red and blue lights, then a blue steady light will indicate that the programming succeeded.

    • Chargeable

      On a full charge, Boogie Dice can roll up to 30 minutes continuously. That’s about 500 activations! Each die is equipped with a powerful 100 mAh rechargeable lithium battery. To charge the dice, place them on the 3 metal charging pins on the charging station. The dice glow red throughout the charging period (approx. 40 min).

    • Balanced

      We have taken several steps to make sure Boogie Dice will be perfectly balanced: the components are spread equally (weight distribution is even) and the motor is positioned diagonally (maximizing bounce).

    • Nimrod Back

    • Nimrod is an inventor, app developer and crowd-funding rock-star. His breakthrough successes include Pressy, a programmable headphone-jack button, and LIMBO, the Guinness-World-Record holding spinning top. Nimrod has plenty more great ideas up his sleeve.
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