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  • Deerma Cooking Mixer - Cruciform rotary stirring bar
    11 September, 2019

      $ .

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    • Cross spiral head

      The cross spiral head is hard and suitable for mixing different materials. The cross structure is durable and stable.

    • Easy to clean

      When you need to clean, just put the stirring rod in the water, press the button to start the rotation, and the stirring rod can be easily cleaned.

    • 6000RMP quick speed

      Rotate 6000 times a minute and distribute evenly in the food, which multiplies the fusion and improves the taste.

    • Deerma

    • Deerma insists on “Creative, Efficient and Fashionable” principle and “Life Is Full of Creativity” spirit to develop products with simple design and excellent quality, to try the best to build a country-top brand of creative household electric appliance.
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