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  • Bulbing - Planar table lamp with three-dimensional effect
    Studio Cheha
    11 September, 2019

      $ .

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    • Personalized image selection

      Bulbing has many personalized images for you to choose. You can change different lampshades to match your different moods.

    • Three-dimensional effect

      The three-dimensional linear image is engraved on the plexiglass plate by laser engraving technology, which makes the planar glass plate look like a three-dimensional structure.

    • Eye protection technology

      BULBING's light source is hidden in the base. Warm tone LED lamp saves energy and can create lighting demand suitable for different environment.

    • Studio Cheha

    • Studio Cheha is a professional design and consulting studio, constantly bringing new ideas to the market. The BULBING brand plays with visual illusions, creating products that don’t always appear as they seem at first glance.
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