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  • GS - Thermostat cup with wireless charging blade
    11 September, 2019

      $ .

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    • Intelligent identification and wireless phone charger

      With its intelligent identification, Wireless Warming Mug Kit can detect objects automatically. It also has an over-temperature protection. It supports up to 10W of wireless charging to keep your phone fully charged.

    • Heat-absorbing coating

      In collaboration with local Chinese workers, the cup is totally handmade. The patented heat-absorbing coating is placed at the bottom of the cup. With this technology, the charging blade will change the power to 24W, so it can keep the drink in the cup at 55 degrees.

    • Bio-based and thin

      Bio-based polymer material can provide non-slip and wear-resistant ability. bio-decomposition. Zinc alloy, fast heat dissipation, solid and stable. With 6mm (0.23in) of thickness it nearly doesn’t take space.

    • Designers

    • VH is a design house dedicated to the preservation of simplicity and elegance in a world of ever-increasing complexity. We create lifestyle accessories with organic designs that will instantly resonate with you and feel like part of your daily routine from the moment you pick them up. Our designs at once pay tribute to the classics and embrace modernity, striving to unite the perfect and the organic.
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