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  • Heating Base - Keep your drinks warm
    10 September, 2019

      $ .

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    • 12V safe voltage, 20W low power consumption

      Compared with the 220V voltage on the market, it uses 12V safe voltage, which makes people happy and not only appearance and safety. It supports cups made of ceramics, glass, metal and other materials. 20W low power consumption is only equivalent to one energy-saving lamp. Power consumption

    • Good insulation, need a good heating source

      On the heat source, Xiaobai uses a flexible PI heating film, which accounts for more than 70% of the heat-receiving area, and cooperates with the aluminum alloy heating plate. The heat preservation effect is greatly improved, and the 8-hour automatic power-off protection

    • Non-hot case, you can switch the machine by tapping the ring

      When Xiaobai is working, only the purple sand color area will heat up, and the beautiful and warm outer shell will not be hot. The temperature will always be kept at about 55 degrees suitable for drinking.

    • Designers

    • The SANJIE only do original design, just want to find individuality in commonality, find balance between tradition and modernity, and make a difference on the road of tea set.
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