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  • Ultrasonic cleaning machine - Clean your objects with high frequency vibration
    Gaston Lewis
    10 September, 2019

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    • 304 stainless steel interior

      Food grade, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and good toughness 304 stainless steel is selected as the internal material. No matter how to wash, it will not damage the articles.

    • 98% cleanability

      High frequency vibration can cause cavitation effect of liquids, quickly drill into gap, emulsify and separate dirty contaminants such as grease, so as to achieve a clean effect.

    • 3 minutes quick cleaning

      Testing 236 times to find the right cleaning time. Avoid remaining stains due to short cleaning time or damage the object due to long cleaning time.

    • Gaston Lewis

    • Graduated from St. Martin College of Art and Design, London, majoring in industrial design. Ultrasonic cleaning machine was designed in 2016, the design concept is small objects have great significance.
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