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  • Jellyfish mini Drone - Enjoy your life everyday
    Jia HE
    9 September, 2019

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    • A.I. Somatosensory manipulation knows your body language better

      Click on the mobile phone main control interface to activate the somatosensory control function, and then in front of the aircraft camera Specific limb movements are made in the lower oblique range to activate the three functions of the drone: The camera is open at the front of the camera for 1.8 meters. After the lock, the four lights of the aircraft are long and bright, following the movement of the palm. Perform a four-way move; hold your fist and you can cancel it.

    • operating

      One arm is lifted within 3 meters in front of the camera, and the headlights of the drone change from blue to red, indicating that the self-timer function is activated, and a red light flashes for 3 seconds to automatically take a picture.

    • operating

      The arms are tilted up and down within 3 meters in front of the camera. After locking, the four lights of the drone double flash and follow the shooting; the arms are tilted down to stop the operation.

    • A.I. Visual humanoid follow, such as the "smart pet"

      Click the phone's main control interface button to activate the smart follow function, click on the target person or object on the phone screen, and the red wire frame appears around the target after the lock and moves with it (Just move no video ).

    • Multiple video capture windows

      The Jellyfish mini drone has a remote control radius of 50 meters, a height limit of 10 meters, a photo resolution of 2560×1440, and a video resolution of 1280×720. In addition to taking photos and videos, long press of the video button for 1 second can also call out a variety of video shooting windows. Add different shooting fun.

    • 360° rotation video capture

      Press and hold the video button for 1 second, in the pop-up window, select the camera to turn 360°, click to start shooting, the button changes and automatically time, the drone starts shooting from the current direction, and the shooting ends automatically after 360° rotation.

    • Round-trip video capture

      Press and hold the video button for 1 second, select the point shooting in the pop-up window, click to start shooting, the button changes, the aircraft retreats X meters to take the point video as the center of the original position, and the shooting ends automatically after 1 circle (During the process, the joystick is interrupted, and the drone is hovered).

    • Watching Video Shooting

      Press and hold the video button for 1 second, check the eye-catching shooting in the pop-up window, click to start shooting, the drone keeps the head from the current position and moves backwards and backwards to the top, and the joystick is hovered to end shooting.

    • Normal mode

      Jellyfish has three different flight control modes (normal mode/headless mode/gravity sensing mode), and each has its own dedicated function interface, which is convenient for novice users to quickly distinguish and reduce the chance of misoperation.

    • headless mode

      headless mode

    • gravity sensing mode

      gravity sensing mode

    • Charging + storage

      The 17×17×7cm standard charging storage box can hold 2 spare batteries in addition to the complete drone.

    • Box side light

      The charging storage box can charge two batteries at the same time, the indicator lights on both sides of the box body make the charging state clear at a glance, the charging is quicker and the carrying is more convenient.

    • Mini aircraft kit content contains

      Complete drone × 1 (including battery, propeller, anti-collision) / charging storage box × 1 / paddle wrench × 1 / USB charging cable × 1 / Product manual × 1

    • Jia HE

    • Jia HE, Designer of Xiaomi patchboard, cofounder of Xiaomi Drone
      ex-innovation design manager of Samsung, IF award\G-mark award
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