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  • Tooth. - Eco-friendly oral care
    Joshua Oates & Kiana Guyon
    7 September, 2019

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    • Changeable & biodegradable head

      Change your brush as many times as you need without harming the planet. The bristles are biodegradable and available in different strengths.

    • Designed for comfort

      The sleek ergonomic design allows the handle to fit comfortably in your hand while brushing your teeth. The handle is made of recycled aluminum and comes in 4 hard-coat anodized colors.

    • Tooth.Stand

      The Tooth.Stand is made from non-corrosive, recycled stainless steel 420. It keeps your toothbrush cleaned and aired.

    • Tooth.Travel

      The Tooth.Travel case is made from 100% recycled BPA free plastic and allows you to store a Tooth.Handle and three biodegradable heads. It is machine washable and uses recycled magnets allowing you to also attach a Tooth.Stand.

    • Eco-friendly packaging

      Recycled cardboard packaging with plastic-film free labels.

    • Joshua Oates & Kiana Guyon

    • Joshua has a background in industrial design. Driven by the need to help people and the planet, he started designing objects that would benefit you as much as it would the planet. Always being in the creative side of things, Kiana got fed up of bad packaging and plastic pollution. She wanted to create something that not only looked great but did something great for the planet. Together they started Tooth to revolutionize oral care.
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