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  • QuiCare - Automatic baby milk maker & sterilizer
    5 September, 2019

      $ .

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    • Water always at a temperature of 38 degrees

      The water temperature is constant at 38 degrees, and with heating technology.

    • Avoid insect and bacterial dust

      Patents with double segregation. Avoid dusty bacteria entering the milk powder to keep the milk clean.

    • Easy to clean

      The water storage tank can be disassembled and cleaned, convenient for cleaning and convenient to renew water, ensuring clean and hygienic water source.

    • Better than traditional milk makers

      The traditional milk makers are automatically added with milk powder, but the milk powder will remain in the powder outlet, which is easily damped by moisture and breeds bacteria. And this milk machine is manually added milk powder to avoid these problems.

    • Suitable for most bottles on the market

      Most bottles on the market can be put into this milk maker.

    • Best for night-feeding

      From pushing the button until baby drinking the milk it takes about 15sec while lying in bed.

    • Moderate size

      The body is medium in size and suitable for many places in the home. It does not take up space and is convenient for storage.


    • PURSEAT BV is a Dutch company dedicated to developing and manufacturing innovative products for the child safety. Our R&D team boasts extensive experience on the entire production cycle, including industrial design, principle verification, mechanical design, production and quality check. We have designed and manufactured many classic child safety products for renowned international brands in Europe and America, some of which have received international design prizes. All our team members are young parents with kids; therefore, we are ourselves frequent users of child safety products and are experienced in taking care of children on a journey.
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