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  • ModularNotebook |ClipBoard| - ClipBoard with dual magnetic clips
    Roger He, Chunha
    12 August, 2019

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    • Dual magnetic clips to keep notes safe

      The ClipBoard is embedded with two magnetic clips on the top and bottom edges. These dual magnetic clips securely keep all your contents and notes intact. It also helps prevent any bending creases or wrinkles to your important papers.

    • Use as a refrigerator message board and more

      Use it as a message board, sketchbook, recipe holder, picture frame and more. And you can stick the ClipBoard onto any magnetically attractive objects, such as a refrigerator. It is ideal for usage at school or at home, on the job or on the go.

    • Stack, organize and store your documents

      Evenly stack your ClipBoard horizontally into a pile or vertically onto a shelf. Use the different colors to help coordinate and organize your documents.

    • Snap a pen onto the ClipBoard

      A pen works perfectly with the Clipboard. No extra pen holder needed. With one movement, you can slide the pen onto the ClipBoard.

    • Eco-friendly because the paper can be refilled

      When you run out of paper, you don't have to buy a whole new notebook. With ClipBoard you are able to refill new paper which is beter for the environment.

    • Roger He, Chunha

    • I'm Roger, a designer from China.
      I'm trying to create something useful and interesting, which gives people an unexpected and interesting experience at the same time.
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