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  • Zpurs - The hanger for keeping your shoes organized
    Alistair Taverner
    10 August, 2019

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    Funding target
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    • What even is Zpurs?

      Zpurs is a unique and simple way of transporting your shoes, boots (even your high heels if you want!), to wherever you need to be.

    • Keep shoes together

      We have developed a clipping mechanism for just about every type of shoe. Put that together with a quality carabiner and you can take your shoes and stash them anywhere you want.

    • Swappable inserts for all types of shoes

      The main body of Zpurs is the same across the board, so all you need to decide on is what insert size you need to use. Every set of Zpurs comes with all 3 size inserts.

    • Allows shoes to breathe

      By hanging your shoes outside your bag, Zpurs allows the shoes to breathe between use and stops bacteria growth; keeping your bag clean and odor-free. It also creates space in your bag and increases the life span of those expensive, beloved shoes.

    • 6 colors

      Choose between Fuchsia, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, and White.

    • Alistair Taverner

    • I have a background in design and engineering. But my first love is wife and two girls. Then my love for cycling is next of course!! Having moved down to the countryside of Devon to raise my two lovely girls, the outdoors has become a large part of my life. Having the correct footwear is essential, depending on the weather and activity, and storing them is key in our little cottage. I can't help but design ways of making life a little simpler.
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