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  • Trappist-1 NASA Edition - Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Automatic Watch
    10 August, 2019

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    • Tritium + Superluminova Display

      The Trappist-1 NASA Edition uses two orbiting planets to tell the time. The inner orbit indicates the hour while the outer planet points to the minutes. The planetary hands are back filled with Super-LumiNova to be easily legible throughout the night. The automatic versions also feature tritium gas-filled tubes on the hands. These glass tubes glow brightly and continuously for decades without having to be charged by any external light like traditional luminescent material used in watches.

    • ISS Cupola Grille

      The grille was inspired by the Cupola module on the ISS, the largest viewing port ever placed in space.The Cupola is comprised of 7 windows to create the ultimate 3D observation deck, giving astronauts an incredible view of the earth below and the space that surrounds it.

    • Custom Apollo 11 Mission Patch Rotor

      The automatic version is powered by a miyota 82s0 and features a custom rotor inspired by the Apollo 11 mission patch. Featuring the eagle landing on the lunar surface, the rotor spins around generating power to the mainspring. With Apollo 11 50th Anniversary 1969-2019 printed underneath the crystal, this limited edition piece will be the most unique in your watch collection.

    • Hesalite Dome Crystal

      The watch features a dome crystal made from Hesalite, a material that was originally developed for NASA. The material was introduced in the 1960s as a crystal replacement for space bound watches. The first watch to be worn on the moon by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong had to withstand the harsh environment of space. To remedy this, NASA replaced sapphire crystals with Hesalite versions as they have a higher resistance to impact and do not shatter like traditional glass.

    • Horween Leather

      The straps are made using full grain leather from a US based Horween tannery. The leather is textured and stitched to pay tribute to the articulated ridge-lines seen on space gloves.

    • Xeric

    • After years of offering the most unique timepieces from around the world on Watchismo (now, Mitch & Andrew Greenblatt hired Danny Hunsaker in 2013 and together we created Xeric. We truly have a dream team as we’ve added the most talented people in the industry to grow Xeric into a leading horological microbrand. We started out as watch collectors, and it’s our passion to create unexpected timepieces.
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