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  • Iris - The Drawing Tool that Inspires Creativity
    Makers Cabinet
    10 August, 2019

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    • A completely redesigned circle drawing tool

      The Iris is your perfect tool for drawing and measuring circles. Simply rotate the rings to open and close its captivating aperture mechanism. Iris will inspire you with every stroke of your pencil.

    • Compatible with any mark-making tool

      At Makers Cabinet, we believe that drawing and writing tools should guide the path towards creativity rather than limit its potential. Instead of being a burdening generic tool the Iris is intuitive and unique.

    • Accurate measuring instrument

      The Iris is a reliable measuring instrument. In conversations with our users, we were inspired to add a scale along the side of the circle aperture. This allows you to effortlessly draw circles and measure diameters. The scale is marked with a high fidelity laser etching that denotes accuracy down to a millimeter.

    • Seamless on your page

      Reminiscent of a camera’s aperture enclosure, its scale is marked with a red dot. This allows you to read the diameter of your circle without the impediment of any other tool. Below the Iris’ leaves sits a natural rubber footprint that seamlessly grips to your page. This means that all your focus can be on the circles you are drawing and not the instrument that you are using.

    • Ingenious wooden base

      Accordingly, our updated base locates the centre-point of a circle. To achieve this, simply lay the Iris flat on your surface and place the base against the inside of the aperture. This added feature enables you to take your drawings to the next level.

    • Makers Cabinet

    • We are a design company based in London. At Makers Cabinet we strive to create products that are highly functional, have a minimal impact on the environment and are beautiful. We aim to do this by designing solid products made to last a lifetime or more, paying meticulous attention to materials and every aspect of our products, down to the smallest of components.
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