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  • Lumir K - Cooking oil powered LED lamp
    10 August, 2019

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    • Innovative

      Lumir K harnesses the energy of a small flame to generate electricity. Without an external power supply, the flame can power LEDs which are 100 times brighter than a candle.

    • Easy to use

      Just place the lamp over the lit wick to turn the LED light on.

    • Accessible

      Use any common cooking oil such as olive, canola or palm oil. Lumir K only needs 5ml of oil for 1 hour of light.

    • Instant reliable light

      No batteries and no need to charge. Works under most weather conditions.

    • Make an impact

      Lumir K provides a light of hope to those who without access to electricity in remote areas. Your support will make an impact.

    • LUMIR

    • LUMIR is a design lighting brand from South Korea with a mission to enhance the value of space and improve the quality of life by light.
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