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  • Lumir B - Versatile LED bulb
    9 August, 2019

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    • Design

      The LED bulb designed to enhance the value of space. LED technology has made our world brighter and more efficient, but not all LED bulbs are designed responsibly. Today, we need a “good-looking” bulb than just a ”brighter” bulb.

    • Versatility

      Lumir B is a bulb and a lamp by itself, it can be directly used without a lamp shade. Its exquisite shape is designed for a variety uses, including pendant lights, wall lights, and table lamps.

    • White & deep green

      It has 2 colors which are white and deep green. These two colors were inspired by the colors of nature, including the subtle light of the night sky and the moon light in the sky, seen in Indonesia, where Lumir first shared the light.

    • Specifications

      3 step dimming: Adjust the brightness in three stages by switching the power switch on and off without a dimmer. AC 220V E26 3W 2700K 30,000 hour 69 x 69 x 150mm Glass, Fireproof PC

    • LUMIR

    • LUMIR is a design lighting brand from South Korea with a mission to enhance the value of space and improve the quality of life by light.
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