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  • Stirring Cup - Hot energy self-stirring and temperature controlled cup
    8 August, 2019

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    • Waterproof

      The whole machine is waterproof (the bottom of the cup it should be blocked as much as possible during cleaning!).

    • Automatic stirring

      No battery required, no need to operate buttons. Simply pour hot water into the cup, it will automatically stir and cool the water quickly. The cup does not need to be charged but is stirred by a small device at the bottom of the cup.

    • Physical cooling of drinks

      It will automatically stir and cool the water quickly. After the hot water is warmed, the physical insulation is automatically performed.

    • It can stir many kinds of drinks

      Can stir coffee, honey, milk powder, pharmaceuticals, fruit juice and other drinks (too thick drinks are not suitable for stirring).


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