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  • Cielo - Organize your cutlery
    Hosein Akhtar Danesh
    29 July, 2019

      $ .

    Funding target
    150 of 500 ( $6495 ) target
    When the product reaches its funding target we will let you know its estimated time of delivery, read more here >>
    • Stay tidy

      Cielo is a fork and spoon container. Except forks and spoons, Cielo can hold for you anything in your kitchen, room, office and other spaces.

    • Various color options

      Cielo is available in different colors: white, black, yellow, blue, green and pink.

    • Easy matching

      Cielo isn't an expensive product. It's very useful to hold anything and it can match with other components in your kitchen, office, room or other spaces.

    • Designer

    • Hi, I’m Hosein. I like to build and create and I work hard to be a great designer. Today it is not sufficient to only design a product with the purpose of fixing a problem alone, one also enough design things just with purpose fix problem. We should design in addition to the fix problem make relation between product and us.
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