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  • FLEXWARM Nano Ironing Machine - Neat new dimension
    17 July, 2019

      $ .

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    • Light & Tiny

      The total weight is 0.45kg, and the 65ML water tank can iron 4-6 pieces of clothes at a time. Carefully assemble the main unit and all accessories into a single storage box to prevent items from being lost while remaining neat.

    • Dry clothes and wet clothes can be ironed

      Wet clothes can be worn after ironing.Sterilization, drying clothes and wrinkles can be done at the same time.

    • Smart switch

      The handle is a smart sensing area. When the hand leaves the iron, it stops working. The hand and the contact will start to iron. There are a number of temperature control gears, one gear second gear dry hot fast ironing clothes, three gears four gear steam sterilization sterilization.

    • Brand

    • A group of hardworking engineers sweated on applying the military technologies, thick film heating technology and higher precision sensor technology, to products for civilian use.
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