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  • Hair Removal Device - Care Clothes 2 in 1
    15 July, 2019

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    • Two-in-one design

      The detachable combination design perfectly removes the hair ball and the sticky hair into one, solving the problem of clothing care at one time. The sticky hair tube can be ejected at the push of a button, and the detachable body makes the sticky hair more convenient.

    • Can solve the clothing care problem of various materials

      Easy to solve the cashmere coat hair loss, silk small hair ball can also be completely removed.

    • Rainbow titanium mesh design, more peace of mind without hurting clothes

      The rainbow titanium mesh cover not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has a hardness of 400% of stainless steel, which ensures a safe distance between the cutter head and the clothes, and quickly removes the ball without damaging the clothes. After continuous testing, the speed of 8000r/min is the most suitable speed for trimming the hairball.

    • Unobstructed suction system

      Different from the existing products on the market, the breakthrough adopts the vertical air duct design to avoid the fine debris from being taken out when the circulating airflow returns. Solve the problem of hair bulbs and shavings from the roots.

    • Can be quickly charged and can continue to last

      It adopts ternary lithium battery, which is environmentally friendly, safe and has good performance. It can be fully charged in 1.2 hours and can last for 100 minutes.

    • Designer

    • South Korea's Daewoo Electric Design Director, winner of the Korea Design Award Presidential Award.
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