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  • Pet Travel Bottle - Portable drinking bowl for your pets
    Peter Peng
    15 July, 2019

      $ .

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    • Easy Drinking

      People just hold the bottle by single hand. Pets can drink water easily without uncomfortable feeling.

    • Flexible

      When pets drinks water, people just pull out the sink. When carrying, just take the sink back. The bottle will get smaller.

    • Portable

      The bottle is very lightweight and comes with a lanyard. Whether it's hanging on a pet or people carrying it out is very convenient.

    • Colorful

      There are four colors for you to choose from, full of personality.

    • Peter Peng

    • Hi, my name is Peter Peng and currently I am working as a freelance designer, mainly focusing on designing consumer products for daily use. I enjoy using my ability to solve issues around us. My design method: Simple is the best.
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