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  • Chef Caddy - The spice rack reinvented for faster, more inspired cooking
    Casey Moulton
    12 July, 2019

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    • Go Fast

      Group related seasonings into quick-grab caddies to make great tasting meals in short order.

    • Think less

      Reminders on top get you to elevate your dishes without having to rack your brains or search through recipes.

    • Stay Classy

      Say goodbye to that messy spice drawer and say hello to clean and serene spice storage.

    • Customizable

      Write your own recipes or choose from 15 popular cuisines with our magnet label set.

    • Designer

    • Casey Moulton was a busy Creative Director in the TV Industry when he started to teach himself how to cook by hosting a dinner party every other week for friends. Making a three course meal, following the recipe precisely taught Casey two things; one is that recipes are incredibly tedious and two, that every cuisine in the world starts with the same five ingredients – salt, pepper, onion, garlic and some sort of oil. This insight inspired him hire product designers to help and slowly worked on prototypes, getting feedback from students along the way which led to the Chef Caddy.
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