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  • Oupio - Perfect mood with sound & light
    Vlad Lorgulescu
    11 July, 2019

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    • Enjoy your favorite tunes with superior sound

      Listen to your favorite music or audiobook via Bluetooth. Oupio is designed to fill a small to medium sized room with a well balanced sound, with bass and clarity. Since good music needs good speakers, we set out to build the best speaker current technology allows. After extensive testing of speaker configurations and driver manufacturers, we selected drivers made by Tectonic Audio Labs which utilize their BMR patented technology.

    • Human Centric Lighting

      With Oupio you can change both the color and intensity of the light to mold to your natural circadian rhythm. Use warm light to relax and cold light when you need to focus. During the day light varies in color and intensity, from an early sunrise color of 2700K to the color of the mid day Sun - 6000K.

    • Designed and built with care

      No detail is too small. To achieve a premium feel we use only high quality materials like wood, glass, metal and wool. We ended up using a mix of different types of Wood (Oak, Ash and Cork) with white Opal Glass and Anodized Aluminum. The wood is used at the front and when combined with the wool based fabric that covers the speakers, builds a cohesive image for the entire product.

    • Integrated touch interface

      Oupio can be controlled either by using the integrated touch interface, or by using the Oupio App. Simply touch the wooden funnel with one finger to control the sound. Use 2 or more fingers to control the light. Depending on how many fingers you use, one or more you can: Tap to Play / Pause or turn the light On / Off, Touch and Hold modifies the light color (this function only affects light), Swipe Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise to adjust either the volume of the music or the intensity of the light.

    • Gain more control via the Oupio App

      By using the App you gain more control over Oupio. You can make groups of up to 5 units, adjust the EQ to suit your preference , set an alarm and much more.

    • Designer

    • Vlad started working as an architect in 2006 until he found his passion in Industrial Design 5 years later. In 2012, together with his brother Mathew, they started Creative Pill, a design and engineering consultancy company.
      As a product designer, Vlad worked on several projects, ranging from industrial robots like the Matt Delta Robot to more simple devices like the EPH Controls range of thermostats. However, not all projects were as interesting as robots and EPH Controls. Frustrated by the amount of time and energy poured into designing what he calls "Future Landfill Material" in 2017, he decided to start a new brand, called Oupio.
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