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  • Levimoon – The levitating moon lamp
    Kelvin So
    10 July, 2019

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    • Surface restoration vs. balancing

      Levimoon fully restored the planets to a sphere and at the same time it is a perfectly balanced sphere light that floats and spins well.

    • Magically floats and charges in the air

      Levimoon is a floating planet light which will light up in the middle of the air. Unlike all other wireless charging devices, Levimoon can be charged while floating, no contact is needed.

    • Create your own mood

      The brightness and the color of the light is controllable in order to fit into every scene in creating the desired atmosphere.

    • It is also a portable moon light

      Thanks to our advance wireless charging technology and the built-in battery, Levimoon will also shines without floating over the dock. So you can take it anywhere you like.

    • Designer

    • Kelvin So is the product designer and CEO of the Levimoon team. In Levimoon, we create planet decorations with innovative ideas. We cooperate with different company in bringing unique and creative planet products that you will love.
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