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  • Portable Handheld Hanging Machine - A portable tool that makes clothes flat and tidy
    9 July, 2019

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    • Portable folding body, tailored storage companion

      Breaking through the traditional ironing machine mode, the innovation adopts a folding shape.With a custom storage box, the storage space is reasonably planned, and the body, brush and measuring cup are properly stored. Orderly storage, to avoid the loss of accessories, more convenient to save space. The folded hot machine is only 15cm high, and the lightweight body 1.1kg is equivalent to the weight of two cans of cola.

    • 10 seconds to quickly generate steam

      The pressurized circulation or heat system is applied, the steam volume after pressurization is large, the injection distance is long, and the honeycomb steam passage is 174 mm long to effectively penetrate the clothes. Wait 25 seconds after power-on, just press the switch after the red light is on, and start steaming after 10 seconds.Traveling is easy to carry, and you can go out in an emergency in 3 minutes.

    • Sterilization and wrinkle simultaneous

      The method of ironing the clothes with a secondary press of an aluminum alloy plate. The high-temperature steam softens the fibers to bring the heat to the panel while wrinkling, and the steaming-type ironing sterilizes the clothes while wrinkling. The effect of 1+1>2 was obtained.

    • Deerma

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