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  • Sound in the bottle - The bottle-shaped bluetooth speaker
    Chen Chutao
    8 July, 2019

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    Funding target
    20 of 200 ( $9660 ) target
    When the product reaches its funding target we will let you know its estimated time of delivery, read more here >>
    • The sound is in the bottle

      "The sound in the bottle" is a Bluetooth speaker: the control buttons of the existing Bluetooth speakers need to be recognized by graphics, and the Bluetooth sound is made into the shape of a bottle, the habit of using the bottle and the operation of the Bluetooth sound. The form is replaced and the sound of the plug is released from the bottle.

    • Inspiration

      I still remember that when I was with the little friend, I would put the finished milk bottle in my ear and listen to it. I heard the sound in the bottle and felt the sound in the bottle.

    • Design

      We have adopted a design that combines all the operating components of the Bluetooth audio separately and connects them via Bluetooth to make it easier for the user to adjust the Bluetooth sound.

    • Scenes to be used

      This Bluetooth stereo can be used in bedrooms, study, living rooms, etc. The separate design of the control unit makes the Bluetooth sound more widely used, in addition to playing music, it is still an ornament.

    • Designer

    • Chen Chutao graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2019. He believes that continuous exploration is to satisfy the endless curiosity.
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