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  • Cableyoyo - Earbuds with cable Management
    Dominic Symons
    3 July, 2019

      $ .

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    • Efficient and comfortable experience

      Thanks to its built-in powerful magnetic ring, it attract and fix the earplug effectively to prevent loss. The silicone package provides isolation and protects the headphone cable. ABS material is selected, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and comfortable.

    • High compatibility

      Applicable to various lines within 5mm (0.2in), such as data lines, headphone cables, network cables, mouse and audio cables. Suitable for a variety of environments, such as home, office and car.

    • Small donut shape

      The Cableyoyo has a round and sleek donut shape, convenient to store and to carry it with you on the go.

    • Dominic Symons

    • In every problem, we see a solution.
      In every mess, we see an opportunity for improvement.
      We believe cables should be effortlessly managed, organized, tidied.
      And with tidiness comes the ability to focus on what matters.
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