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  • PhoneStand |Silicone| - Hook Your Phone to Air Vent
    Peter Peng
    27 June, 2019

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    • Free Your Hand While Driving, No Installation Needed

      Unlike other existing products, with PhoneStand you don’t have to install additional attachment to the car. Simply hook your phone to the air vent to free your hand when you have to watch GPS or answer calls while driving. Ideal products for users who have to drive Zipcars or cars they rented.

    • Hook-it-up On Your Screen

      The unique design of PhoneStand allows you to attach your phone to computer screens for browsing information or making video calls while you are working.

    • Phone Stand

      Horizontally place your phone and PhoneStand will serve as the support to stabilize your phone.

    • Simple Design but Not Simple

      Only 3.5mm in thickness. Simply press the button to release PhoneStand to transform it into a multifunctional tool.

    • Various Color Options

      4 vivid color options, pick your favorite one.

    • Peter Peng

    • Hi, my name is Peter Peng and currently I am working as a freelance designer, mainly focusing on designing consumer products for daily use. I enjoy using my ability to solve issues around us. My design method: Simple is the best.
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