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  • ALCOVE – The world’s first mobile workstation
    Yared Akalou
    27 June, 2019

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    • Enhanced personal privacy

      The innovative foldout side panels help eliminate distractions and increase your focus and productivity by allowing you to work with discretion and improved confidence when you’re in public.

    • Stylish, portable and ultra-slim

      Crafted for convenience and mobility, our 2-in-1 workstation for laptops is lightweight, fits in a travel or messenger bag easily and is perfect for writers, entrepreneurs or even gamers who value personal focus.

    • Convenient accessibility

      We’ve added a small port to each side of the 15-inch laptop case to make it easier to charge your computer, plug in headphones or use other vital USB ports without it ever leaving the sleeve.

    • Improves visibility

      Alcove's light bar is your dedicated, mobile task light that helps to reduce eye strain when reading or writing in low lighting environments.

    • Yared Akalou

    • Yared Akalou is a product designer and entrepreneur on a mission to help people create their best work from anywhere.
      The design of Alcove Workstation™ was developed to combat the lack of privacy and focus when working in open spaces. Alcove Workstation™ solves for this problem and more with a sleek, professional case that unfolds into your dedicated workspace.
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