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  • Let It Play - Nature is an Orchestra
    Aminreza Shokouhi, Saba Beizaei
    25 June, 2019

      $ .

    Funding target
    20 of 300 ( $10497 ) target
    When the product reaches its funding target we will let you know its estimated time of delivery, read more here >>
    • Not limited to Pentatonic scale

      As this product is designed with an inspiration of Japan’s cherry blossoms, so Pentatonic scale is chosen as the main scale in east-Asian music including Japan. In order to more harmonize the product with its environment, social and cultural facts and customs. Pentatonic scale consists of five notes; do, re, mi, sol, la. Noteworthy is that duo to the different cultures of different countries, Let It Play can be produced and adjusted according to special music of each country. Besides the quantity of the product can be changed duo to the numbers of the chosen musical scale.

    • Electronic system

      The power supply of Let It Play is solar cell. The new flexible technologies of solar cells are used in this product. There is also a power storage module that reserves energy in day light and supplies enough power for nightly function.

    • Sound quality

      The level of the played notes is more like a soundtrack and background to our activities in environment and is controlled for not causing distraction. We suggest some particular trees to be chosen for installation. It's going to make it much more fun and actually amplifies the surprising point of this product.

    • Aminreza Shokouhi, Saba Beizaei

    • We are Industrial designer with focus on innovative product design and we enjoy the challenge of creating & designing new ideas throughout the whole process of production. Extremely motivated to experience new exciting opportunities and never get tired of it. We love design and our entire life was dedicated to designing. Nothing in the world is more cheerful than making new ideas. We create ”let it play” to show that nature is an orchestra.
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