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  • TRIO: The on-the-go dual & triple screen laptop monitor
    Mobile Pixels
    25 June, 2019

      $ .

    Funding target
    When the product reaches its funding target we will let you know its estimated time of delivery, read more here >>
    • Dual/triple screen laptop accessory

      TRIO is an upgraded plug-and-play solution for a multiple monitor setup while you’re on the go. You can opt for a dual screen to the left or right of your laptop monitor or clip two TRIO's together for a triple screen viewing experience. The possibilities are endless.

    • Flexible rotation

      TRIO provides a full 270° rotation, so you can choose your optimum viewing angle for any situation.

    • Dual-sided sliding

      When using two TRIO’s, rotate them 180° to fold them into a triangle for presentation mode.

    • Two size options

      Two size options designed for various types of laptop.

    • Compact & Llghtweight

      With the weight of 0.7kg (1.5 lbs) and 0.8kg (1.8 lbs), TRIO has the compact design for the increased ease and mobility you need to move from workspace to workspace.

    • Plug-and-play USB connection

      Simply plug TRIO into your laptop and you’re ready to boost your productivity by up to 50%. To make it even easier, TRIO uses only one cable for both power and data. TRIO is compatible with any Mac, Linux, Chrome and Android device via USB connection. Driver installation is required.

    • Geometric design & energy efficient display

      TRIO’s new geometric patterned design allows you to show off a little more personality, while its 1080p high-resolution display comes with an all-new adjustable brightness, so everything you see is crisp and clear. Plus, it’s designed to reduce battery drain from your laptop.

    • Mobile Pixels

    • The Massachusetts-based team made up of manufacturing engineers and computer scientists has combined the best technology to create a lightweight portable monitor that increases productivity and makes it easy to work efficiently while travelling. Backed by MIT and Northeastern, Mobile Pixels aims to give consumers the freedom to swivel the screen freely while adjusting the angle at their discretion. To learn more visit, .
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