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  • Mutrics – Ultimate stylish and smart audio sunglasses
    20 June, 2019

      $ .

    Funding target
    When the product reaches its funding target we will let you know its estimated time of delivery, read more here >>
    • Immersive near-field surround sound

      With our near-field surround sound system and our bass enhancement algorithm, you can avoid the conventional, tiresome problems of other open-ear audio, such as poor sound quality and sound leakage.

    • Hands-free call

      The open-air design is incredibly useful when it comes to picking up calls when driving, it frees your hands to focus on the steering wheel, while at the same time allowing you to still be aware of your surroundings. Even when taking a call at full volume, you can still cross the streets knowing you’ll be able to hear your surroundings.

    • UV400 and IP55

      The sunglasses’ polarized, UV400 protection lenses and IP-55 water-resistant design means extreme durability, so these will hold up pretty well.

    • 8 Hours of playtime

      We have upgraded the battery built inside Mutrics, so it is now powerful enough to keep your favorite jam pumping for 8 hours straight. So you don’t have to worry about running out of battery so quickly!

    • Comfortable and snug fit

      We have designed Mutrics to have the most comfortable wearing experience, so they will fit your face and your style perfectly. They are light, so you can wear these for a long time without feeling uncomfortable.

    • Interchangeable lenses

      The replaceable lens means the pair you own is customizable. Mutrics isn’t just yours, it’s you.

    • Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0

      Liberate yourself even further with Mutrics’s Qualcomm Bluetooth connection that remains strong at a distance of up to 20m (65ft).

    • One-click smart control

      Three buttons allow you to control everything: powering on and off, accept and rejecting calls, playing and pausing music, toggling volume and switching songs. Plus it provides access to Siri and the Google Assistant.

    • Mutrics

    • Shenzhen Jiaran Innovation Technology is an AI + IoT start-up company. Vanness, the founder of the company, is a continuous entrepreneur. He was the vice president of Makeblock the robotics company, and the CEO of Shenzhen Open Innovation Laboratory, which is the first introduced MIT Fablab into China. He has been engaged in hardware entrepreneurship for a long time and he is also very obsessed with the brain neural network cognition, that’s the reason why he focuses on AI, because many algorithms of AI are just the way to simulate the human brain. His partner Gary is a R&D engineer of one famous listed company AAC Technology. His years of working experience in loudspeaker and microphone make the company rapid progress in the R&D field.
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