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  • Robot Vacuum |Laser+mop|- Keep your room clean forever
    Michael Cui
    11 June, 2019

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    • Intelligent Laser RobotVacuum and Mop Cleaner

      The deep cleaning RobotVacuums |Laser +mop| will vacuum up dirt and mop the floor. The vacuum cleaner will be activated when the robot is on the carpet and the mopping system can be operated when it on hardwood, tile or laminate flooring.

    • Refillable Self-contained Water Tank

      The RobotVacuum comes with a refillable water tank that you can fill with cleaning solution, water or any liquid what you want to mop floor. The robot can evenly spray water or cleaner from the water tank to clean floor while also drying the floor.

    • 360-Degree Scanning Laser

      The RobotVacuum is equipped with a LIDAR based intelligent laser that can scan your home to map out your home in order to clean your whole house. The smart RobotVacuum as a real robot will automatically plan the cleaning process in order to clean your room more efficiently.

    • Set Custom Cleaning Mode with Remote Control

      The RobotVacuum has multiple cleaning settings. You can choose one from with a remote control. You can set a timed cleaning, the speed of the suction frequency, virtual walls and restrict areas in your home with just the click of a button in APP.

    • Michael Cui

    • My design maxim: design comes from life, and I feel the life with my heart. Free your hands with Intelligent Laser Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner for Your Home.
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