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  • BIRDS – Salt & Pepper shaker set helps you to develop a healthier eating habit
    Haoyu Zhang
    3 June, 2019

      $ .

    Funding target
    20 of 200 ( $3998 ) target
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    • Eat healthy

      The white shaker with a sharp head and fewer holes is the salt shaker; the black one with more holes is for pepper, due to the theory that salt does damage to human bodies, while eating pepper is beneficial for health. The shakers are designed to encourage users to develop a healthier eating habit with less salt and more pepper.

    • Add your spice precisely

      Adjust the position of thumb to create various angles for different amounts of salt & pepper: place the thumb at BIRD’s neck for a small amount, or switch to the belly for a greater amount.

    • Why bird shape?

      Inspired by the fact which most birds feed themselves with seeds, BIRDS salt & pepper shakers are designed in ergonomic shape with birds’ appearance to contain cooking spices, for instance, black pepper, which are seeds of pepper plants.

    • Designer

    • My name is Haoyu (Howard) Zhang. I am currently a student pursuing a Master of Science in Human-Environment Relations, with a concentration in Human Factors and Ergonomics at Cornell University.

      I am a practicalist. I feel like observing objects around me, getting inspired by them or discovering potential issues, and generating great ideas. Studying Industrial Design allows me to concretize those ideas and transform them into products, which could have huge impacts on people's life. I believe it is the pride and duty of a designer to utilize his or her ability to make innovation happen.
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