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  • evaCHILL - Making your life chill
    31 May, 2019

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    • Unique high-quality sleep aid

      Perfectly suited for sleeping adults (including athletes who require high-quality sleep) and children who prefer to sleep with set temperatures.

    • Incredible personal microclimate controller

      Indispensable device for office workers who want to control their personal microclimate and increase comfort, efficiency and productivity.

    • Perfect travelling device

      Ideal solution for travelers and campers to utilize as it works with any USB power supply.

    • Chills the air

      Uses natural evaporative cooling effect to drop the air temperature. Filters out dust particles to increase the air quality for better breathing.

    • Humidifies

      Humidifies the air creating a better working environment. Can be used as a humidifier in winter. After you fill the removable water tank and connect your Evapolar air conditioner to a power supply, the cartridge will absorb large amounts of water.

    • Evapolar

    • We founded the company in 2015 to challenge the AC industry and address the question of cooling efficiency. We set out to show how it is cheaper and more efficient to create a personal cooling zone instead of cooling an entire room, which wastes huge amounts of energy and money. Evapolar solutions are designed to show the benefits of a personal microclimate.
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