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  • LUNEdot - The Endless Candle
    Lieke Van Dijk
    31 May, 2019

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    • The Endless Candle

      As the candle burns down, a spring inside the tube pushes the candle upward to maintain the height of the flame. The candle will always look as if it was just lit.

    • Magnetic base

      The strong magnetic base on the inner tube allows the candle to be stuck onto the metal baseplate or any other metal surface, making it practical and safe.

    • Mix and Match

      LUNEdot comes in many different colors and sizes. Mix and match tubes and bases to fit any decor.

    • Refillable

      LUNEdot fits most standard taper candles. After a candle is burned down, easily refill the tube over and over again!

    • No Drip, No Mess

      Because the tube keeps the candle vertical and the flame consistent, the candle wax will rarely overflow or drip.

    • Designers

    • For over 7 years, Lieke had been working as a legal advisor for the metal industry. After seeing her clients produce countless tangible products, she was inspired to do the same. She started working on LUNEdot during her free time and attending design exhibitions, eventually catching the attention of Italian interior designer Rosanna Orlandi at Dutch Design Week. Lieke is now fully self-employed through LUNEdot and travels abroad with her family. She loves surfing, spending time with her kids, and pursuing her ideal lifestyle.
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