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  • MicroFarm - Finally. Food that is fresher, heatlhier, and cheaper
    Dries Bovijn
    20 May, 2019

      $ .

    Funding target
    When the product reaches its funding target we will let you know its estimated time of delivery, read more here >>
    • Full-Spectrum growlight, watering tray

      Using our knowledge and experience from implementing our full-spectrum LED grow-light technology in professional indoor farms, we designed MicroFarm. MicroFarm is a professional, easy-to-use, countertop module that enables anyone to easily grow their own nutrient-rich microgreens.

    • SeedSupply

      We are committed to supply seeds at honest prices. One year of SeedSupply for €19. Always. With MicroFarm and SeedSupply, you can grow the equivalent of 12.5kg, or ~18lbs, of microgreens each year. That's one harvest every week. If you purchased this amount in store-bought microgreens, your grocery bill would come to €520 in the EU, or $950 in Canada or the USA. Compared to €19 for a whole year's worth of SeedSupply, we are saving you an impressive amount of money.

    • Easily harvest microgreens, every 7-10 days

      Microgreens are ready to harvest after growing 7 to 10 days. Everyone can do it. Check out the 5 easy steps below to help convince your friends and family. Even your little brother or grandmother can grow microgreens!

    • Designed to last a lifetime

      We anodise parts with the thickest anodisation layer possible for a maximum life span. 15μm thick. When LEDs are cooled properly, as within our aluminum profile, they can last for up to 8 years before they start to drop in performance. Because of MicroFarm’s durable and open design, you can easily slide the old LED-board out of the aluminum body and exchange it for a new one, for an estimated price of €9; a fraction of the price of the module. MicroFarm is a product for life.

    • Fit's everyone's kitchen

      With it's aesthetically minimalistic design it fits any kitchen. MicroFarm can also be configured multiple ways. The modular mounting system enables you to mount the light. The standing disc places MicroFarm vertically and lights your Aromatic herbs.

    • Dries Bovijn

    • We designed MicroFarm to be a very easy to use and effective product. Everything we make is designed to last a life time. We have a highly experienced team with backgrounds in Industrial Design and Engineering. Before creating MicroFarm we already designed Bloom which is assembled and shipped with our own hands. Doing so, we were able to set our standards to the highest.
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