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  • Beltclip - Complete your outfit
    Daphne De Cooman
    17 May, 2019

      $ .

    Funding target
    32 of 500 ( $7500 ) target
    When the product reaches its funding target we will let you know its estimated time of delivery, read more here >>
    • Compatibility

      Because of the squeezing force, you can use it on variety of belts with different thicknesses. Just pick your favorite one, click on the CLIB and you are ready to go. The CLIB is available in 3 color varieties.

    • Grip

      The knurling is not only a designfeature. It also gives more grip when you want to open or close it.

    • Easy to use

      Just slide it over the belt parts and close the clip. The overhang will stay in place.

    • Available colors

      The CLIB will be available in: Black、Brushed silver and Gold.

    • Designer

    • 1m57 full of design.
      I see details and perfectionism as a statement.
      And I like to reflect this in my products.
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