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  • Attract - Learn how to cooperate with each other
    Clover Zhou
    15 May, 2019

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    Funding target
    13 of 300 ( $8400 ) target
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    • Structure

      This toy is designed for four to five year-olds kids. There are magnets behind the channel parts. Kids need to put the channel parts on the same place of opposite side and make a path to let the ball go down.

    • Cooperate

      Kids need to chat with each other to finish the game. They can learn the importance of team working and easy to make friends with each other.

    • Rounded design

      The round plastic parts will not hurt the kids when they are playing it. Let's have fun!

    • Designer

    • I am a graduate of Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts. ATTRACT is my graduation project, which is inspired by the interaction between children. The children will learn how to cooperate with each other by playing ATTRACT.
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