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  • BRICKSPOWER - First Ever True Wireless Charger
    14 May, 2019

      $ .

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    • True wireless charger

      No need cable!BricksPower a walking power backup, consistently delivers powers anytime, anywhere by simply sticking it to your device.

    • Stick to the back& Charge on the go

      Unlike other wireless chargers, BricksPower is always closely pasted to your device. Whenever you grap up your phone to make a call or read message, you should never worry about charging disconnected.

    • Nano suction achievement

      When using a typical wireless power bank, your mobile phone easily slips out of position and charging disconnects. Our charger is equipped with Super Sticky Nano-suction that stays attached to your device.

    • Multifunctional use

      A single BricksPower come with the function of Wireless Charger, PowerBank and Battery Phone Case.

    • Free your lightning plug for music gears while charging

      BricksPower can charge your phone while you are listening to the music without any using discomfortable feeling.

    • Designer

    • Alex has been working in the mobile accessories industry for over 15 years, and he loves to create new accessories. Last year he attended AppleWorld the new iPhoneX announcement. Alex wanted to design true wireless charger. So Alex challenged his team “Hey team, let’s develop a “wireless” wireless charger and give it a cool look?” After 3 months, the first prototype was ready, everybody who’s seen the product was like “Hey, this is so cool, where I can buy?” So we thought, let’s have a campaign to share with everyone who’d like to have one.
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