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  • AudioBall |UB+| Standing - A new pardigm in speaker design, liberating wireless aural experience
    9 May, 2019

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    • Flexible & adaptable speaker for different usage scenarios

      The spherical form results in the speaker enclosure having a high compressive strength, which together with its patented unibody design and an in-built high capacity battery, enables the AudioBall to be lightweight for easy mobility and to be used in a variety of scenarios. The AudioBall also comes with a companion app that enhances its functionality.

    • A new paradigm in speaker design

      The AudioBall incorporates the best elements of traditional speaker design and the latest audio technology, to create a large size speaker, that is suited for wireless devices in this age of mobility. The sphere is known to be the most ideal shape for the design of a speaker enclosure, due to the least amount of ripples in the frequency response. With the AudioBall, the spherical form, together with the use of a single 6.5” full range driver and a 60W amplifier, provides the most optimal factors for sound radiation.

    • Designed as a furniture

      The AudioBall is meant to look as good as it sounds. It is a complete package of striking appearance and excellent sound. The AudioBall is designed to be a piece of furniture that can stand proudly in your living room.

    • Liberating wireless aural experience

      You can play your music wirelessly by Bluetooth with the AudioBall. And you can even pair two of them together wirelessly with the True Wireless Stereo (TWS) function to form an amazing stereo system with an impressive soundstage. Your aural experience can also be further enhanced with the 3D Mode function, so that you can have a cinematic experience right at home.

    • Colorful

      There are six colors for you to choose from, full of personality.

    • Brand

    • Our in-house brand UB+ is derived from the word “ubiquitous”, which means existing everywhere. We upsized the word with a “+”, which symbolizes our desire to constantly add functionality, quality and range to our products. With UB+, there’s always room for a “plus”.
      Together, we put our different skills in sound engineering, product design and software programming to bring to you well-designed products with the most advanced technology at affordable prices to fit your lifestyle.
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