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  • KeyBlock - The world's ultimate RFID case for your keys
    9 May, 2019

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    • The world's ultimate RFID case for your keys

      Vanacci’s KeyBlock is the 21st Century key holder, using the same leathers found in high-end cars to enclose an RFID-blocking structure. Doing away with bulky metal tins and flimsy pouches, KeyBlock is the car accessory for the visually-conscious.

    • Protects all key fobs, as the ultimate key fob holder

      Key Block not only keeps your keys safe from hackers, it prevents damage, keeps things together, has free personalisation and will instantly upgrade any car key.

    • More than just a key safe

      More than just a key fob protector, Keyblock keeps things organised. You can still use with your other keys. A built-in split ring allows you the option of keeping all your keys together.

    • Composite construction for maximum signal blocking

      Modern security has many layers: doors, locks, alarms, sensors, so it only makes sense that so does KeyBlock: multi-layered RFID shielding within a modern polymer housing, wrapped in wear-resistant leather. It is suitable for remote entry keys (where your key is built into the remote) and for keyless entry cars, blocking the frequencies from even leaving the case. Anyone looking to scan for signals won’t find them, thus removing the threat of key relay theft.

    • Push button ejector

      Unlocking your car at a distance is a convenience we don’t want to deprive you of. KeyBlock is easy to use single-handed, leaving your other hand free to carry the shopping, open the door for your partner or keep your child close. We’ve incorporated a leather cap to hold your key secure. Simply pop it open, use the slider button and your key fob is there. Stainless steel as well, so it isn’t going to wear out.

    • Carbon leather

      We have the actual leathers used in Aston Martin and Tesla models to cover your keys. From a classic gunsmoke natural grain to a technical carbon fiber weave, keep it looking sharp. Unrivalled in it’s wear-resistance, the leathers we have are used in high-end cars and by the Ministry of Defence.

    • Pocket sized

      KeyBlock is sized to fit neatly in any pocket, whether suit, trouser or otter.

    • Designer

    • Founded in November 2014, Vanacci has striven to develop stylish accessories that add in extra features as standard. Their flagship product, Carbon, was a huge hit as a stylish, hand-made wallet that also blocked RFID scanners. Since their inception, Vanacci has continued to design and manufacture in the UK, adding more wallets, watches, jewellery and now car accessories to their design portfolio.
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