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  • Polar Ice Bucket - Rain drops keep falling on my head!
    9 May, 2019

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    • Rain drops keep falling on my head!

      Echoed the polar bear in the Polar Ice Bucket as the consequence of the global warming effect. The bucket itself features double wall to slow the ice from melting, while the lid and the tong keeps it totally hygiene.

    • Double glass ice bucket

      As the melted ice is being drained to the outer bucket, the lonesome bear on the iceberg gets wet and trapped in the melted Antarctic. A dramatic scene to witness indeed!

    • Packaging

      The packaging uses a simple cardboard package with detailed instructions. The ice bucket has two basic colors, white and black. You can choose a more suitable color according to the layout of the desktop.

    • Designer

    • We bring unforeseen designs from around the world. The best and unique product from various countries. The creativity that the designers invent and come up with. Efficiency function that can use in daily life and lifestyle. Inspiration and surprising for the customer. A designed hub where “YOU” are looking for.
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