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  • POPIN™| Indoor Pop-Up Playgrounds - An award-winning foldable in-home playground
    Popin Playgrounds
    8 May, 2019

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      POPIN is the ideal set up for the modern, eco-friendly family. It's an indoor-intended playground made of recycled materials that grows into full-sized fun when it's play time, and folds up for super-easy storage when you transition to adult time. The combination of design, durability, and fold-ability make for a safe and reliable pop-up playground that helps instill creativity in your little ones.


      Don't be fooled by the fact that they're made from cardboard. POPIN toys are made from double flute, reinforced corrugated cardboard. That means that they're made to withstand weights up to 110 pounds. It also means that they’ll survive the wildness of children at play. Each POPIN toy even comes with a one year warranty so you can feel good about investing in these quality toys for your children.


      Combining his design knowledge with the need for simplicity, Ori Mishkal created the unique StrongFold™ technology that allows POPIN toys to be folded and stored easily. There is no assembly, no tools required and definitely no confusing instructions to follow. Each toy pops up in 5 seconds and is ready to play in! Then when they're done, fold it back up and you can store it nearly anywhere – behind the couch, in the attic, under a bed, in the garage. The possibilities are endless.


      The experts at POPIN toys wanted to create toys that aren't just great quality. They wanted them to be great for the environment as well. All POPIN toys are made from 100% recycled cardboard. The even won the 2019 Green Product Award for best use of sustainable material in children products.


      All parents know how hard it is to travel with kids. POPIN toys make it even easier to take their favorite toys along. No matter where they're going – a weekend at grandma's, a vacation that includes a hotel stay or even a sleepover at a friend's house, POPIN toys travel easily and take up minimal space.

    • Designers

    • We're Popin
And we believe in playtime.
Our mission is to instill creativity and encourage active play, losing themselves in the flow of play. We noticed that this type of playtime was too often restricted to outdoor playgrounds, so we created these stable/durable, storable, playable/adorable indoor playsets.
We're excited to be launching Popin on Kickstarter, with the support of a like-minded community and the super-strong version of our proprietary reinforced cardboard and StrongFold™ system.
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