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  • Dinosaur kids alarm clock - Teach your kids when to sleep
    7 May, 2019

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    • Dinosaur is coming!

      Lovely 3d cartoon dinosaur design, simple and stylish. With the changing night light, this sleep trainer clock for toddlers looks so amazing that your sweetheart would be in love with it. Made of premium ABS material, safe and healthy for using.

    • Sleep training

      This stylish sleep trainer clock teaches your kids when it's time to go to bed and when to wake up by using its alarm and lights. Kids' independence can be gradually built, parents can get better sleep.

    • Muti-function

      With warm orange backlight, the clear LED display shows time, date, and a cartoon dinosaur, supporting 12/ 24 hours format. 2 varied alarm sound types in gradual model is useful even for heavy sleeper; the changing night light also upgrades safety at night. A very practical children alarm clock to use.

    • Dual power support

      This sleep trainer clock can be powered by adapter or 3 AAA batteries (USB cable and 3 AAA batteries included). Designed in the energy-saving way, it is perfect for both bedroom night light use and normal alarm clock use. Battery operated makes it more convenient for your kid to learn time.

    • Brand

    • HAPTIME is a leading factory supplier of digital alarm clock ,Weather Station Clock. Audited by K-mart &IPS, HAPTIME focus on wireless weather station, digital alarm clock, air monitor, digital kitchen timer more than 19 years.
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