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  • LETO - Lightens up your mood!
    Lore De Backer
    6 May, 2019

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    Funding target
    32 of 500 ( $25000 ) target
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    • SAD

      During the winter months a lot of people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. It is caused by a number of factors. First of all the difference between the release of melatonin during summer and winter is greater in these people. Neurotransmitter deficits like serotonin, dopamin and noradrenalin is also a problem.

    • Adjustable light source

      The light source of this lamp is adjustable. This symbolizes the rising and setting of the sun. The lamp can be positioned at eye level in the morning so that the light enters the retina.

    • Therapy light

      By using the lamp immediately after waking up, your body receives the signal that the day has started. Light therapy in the morning suppresses melatonin and results in extra energy and a better mood during the day. You can position the light source at seat height for your comfort.

    • Mood light

      In the evening the light can be switched to yellow and soft. You can turn the light source upwards so that the lamp can be used as living room lighting.

    • Designer

    • Lore De Backer tries to create her own combination of abstract modernism and brutalism. She uses timeless desing with contemporary knowledge about psychology, light and the effects on human well-being.
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