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  • Xcissor Pen - One mighty scissor hidden in your sleek pen
    6 May, 2019

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    • A True Writing Instrument

      Xcissor Pen is a true writing instrument. It sports the high-quality and beefy SUS304 Stainless Steel with a smooth luxurious finish in the understated style. This solid construction will guarantee your pen is indestructible and have the better protection against dings & dents, as well as shielding ink cartridges. Thanks to the slight streamlined shape, Xcissor Pen is perfectly balanced and feels like a natural extension of your hands while you hold it.

    • Interchangeable D1 Ink Cartridges

      The ink cartridge is interchangeable, it’s meticulously crafted and infinitely replaced with the international standard D1 size refills, means it will last you a lifetime. Writing with Xcissor Pen is an absolute joy, you can sign anything with a flourish!

    • High-Quality Scissors

      The blade of scissors is made from strong SUS420 Stainless Steel for excellent edge retention and resistance to corrosion, it can cut through many materials such as paper, threads, cloths, leathers, wood chips… all normal duties with ease. The scissors are hidden in the barrel that is opposite to the writing end, so it offers protection against stabbing your pockets or bags. All you need is rapidly draw the scissors from the barrel, slide one shank from the Safety Lock with a thumb, and you’re ready to go!

    • Designer

    • mininch is derived from “mini-inch” (the same pronunciation), we aim to make all our products perfectly exquisite & sophisticated in every inch, and every detail.
      All mininch key members have great credentials with complimentary expertise in design, marketing, manufacturing, & project management; also won a number of awards including 2013 iF product design award & 2012 Red Dot design concept award. By leveraging everyone's profession & experience, we create good designs for improved lifestyles, moving from concept to production.
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